Software and gadgets I use. Inspired by this page.


  • MSI Stealth i7 7700HQ 32GB
  • ZSA Moonlander Keyboard
  • Advantage Keyboard


  • Galaxy Tab S8+
  • OnePlus8
  • Sony Alpha 7 Mark II



  • Grocy - Tracking ingredients bought and usage
  • Firefly III - budget and network calculation


  • Immich - Photo hosting service
  • Usememo - Microblogging, bookmark service, not taking
  • Urbackup - Self hosted backup service.
  • Nextcloud - Personal cloud that replaces the likes of dropbox. I use the notes feature as transient inbox.
  • Note taking - Markdown file and vscode
  • Wiki - Tiddlywiki. Replaced by note taking now. ** Zimwiki. Replaced by note taking now. I liked this a lot, but not being in markdown is a deal breaker for me.
  • Read it later - Hamsterbase. This seems promising. Downside is that it’s not open source.


  • Vivaldi RSS feed - RSS Reader Selfoss - PHP RSS reader. Doesn’t fit in my news consumption workflow.

Windows Software Recommendations

  • Winaero
  • Winscp
  • OneCommander. This is now replaced by Win 11 explorer. The main features I want are tabs + preview plane.


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