If you ever are in Brugge and have run out of things to do. I would recommend paying the fries museum a visit.

Potato is the plant which possesses the most numerous varieties.

Potato is the plant which possesses the most numerous varieties.

The following is a summary of what I have learned from my visit. It is about 10% of the information actually presented.

  • Potato is actually poisonous because of the presence of alkaloid, which gives them a bitter taste. The concentration is low enough to be safe for consumption.
  • The greenish region when the buds are sprouting have a higher concentration and hence can cause poisoning.
  • The indians discovered that if exposed alternatively to the sun and frost, the bitter taste disappeared.
  • This is how they discovered chuno. It’s usefulness is in its shelf life which was vital in regions with harsh and inconsistent weather.
  • The potato that we eat today in Europe comes from a hybrid form between Peruvian and Chilean potatoes.
  • No one really knows for sure the origin of European potatoes.
  • Potato was first mentioned in account of a Spanish expedition in Colombia in 1537.
  • From there it then spread to Italy, Belgium and Vienna
  • Potatoes arrived in England through the settlers in Spain.
  • Back then potato was fashionable as food for the king.
  • Potatoes as a result of growing underground, often escape the decimation of crops during civil unrest.
  • At one point in time, people were convinced that potato stimulated sexual appetite. In one of Shakespear’s plays, he used that association.

  • Potatoes are actually nutritious and not fattening!
  • This is a rough guide to making your own fries.

Thanks for reading.